Robert Mouzillat’s camera takes simultaneously two photographs using two lenses from which the objects can either be the same or, with adjustable parallax, different. The available exposure speeds of the double images range from 14 to 38 images per second.

The shutter speeds range from 1-35th to 1-380th of a second. The size of each image is 12mm x 15mm the result is high quality images which are capable of being enlarged, either monochrome or colour up to 300mm x 400mm to plate making standards. These images can be used stereoscopically and have been used, for a variety of purposes by Paris Match; France Soir; Institut National des Sport; Services Cinematographiques; Institut du Cancer, Institute of Open Heart Surgery, Museum of Natural History and Museé du Louvre.

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01 / The quality of the RoMo images, their exceptional colour density and definition has been commented on by the photographic professionals who have seen them.

02 / An example of one style of a RoMo 3D Viewer.

03 / Examples of some of the unsold 3D cards which contain only copies of the original images.

04 / Robert Mouzillat worked with the Hergé Studio to produce, from studio gouache paintings Tintin cartoon stories for 3D viewing.