June 6th, 2012

The RoMo Collection

After Robert’s passing, we’ve been working on understanding the content of the entire collection, currently estimated to be over 100,000 images. Fully appreciating the content and condition of the various images, image formats, other media (including some film footage) has been a priority to be able to fully understand the scale of the collection.

In 2008 Betty Thayer, a retired Ernst & Young partner and internet entrepreneur, joined the RoMo team as business advisor. She met Robert Mouzillat when he was visiting Bath in 2003 and discussed with him at length the possibilities for commercialising the collection. Her understanding of the issues associated with preparing the collection for sale, and her extensive network of relevant connections are important contributions as we move forward.

In 2010, Catherine Kirby, a professional Archivist, was brought on to catalogue the collection using archival database software ADLIB, keeping as close as possible to the original way that the creator Robert Mouzillat had organised the collection.

In 2011 we launched this website, alongside a refreshed RoMo Images brand, to allow those interested in the collection to be able to find out more information.

In 2012 we started experimenting, with the help of Robbie Andrews, who came on board as Technical Advisor, with looking at how we could utilise these images in a polarization stereoscopic format to be displayed on modern screens. Original testing was successful and has led us to continue to explore further modern means that would allow the collection could be viewed.

There have already been numerous enquiries by many interested parties about the future of the collection and we look forward to the exciting road ahead.

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